How To Increase Penis Length-5 Things You Must Do



You want a big penis right? If not why on earth will you be searching for how to increase penis length if you didn’t want to increase the size of yours? And you know something else. Having a bigger dick comes with some advantages and benefit.

Like being able to always satisfy your woman and get her begging for more. You will be able to control your ejaculation, which means multiple orgasm for you and a whole lot more. :-)

So with that said lets look how you can increase the size of your penis? The first thing is through penis exercise!.

There are some form of exercise that you engage in that will ultimately increase the size of your penis.

The first is by stretching it. You just need to do this 5-10 mins a day, continuously for 3 months before you will see some significant result.What you do is to apply some baby oil on your penis and then stretch it.

When you do so, you are sending blood to your penis length. stretch and hold for about a minute and do the same, up, down,left and right. This shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes of your time.

Each time you do it, massage your penis slightly.



Another exercise is called warming your penis. What you do is to get war water and a piece of clean towel. Sip the cloth in the water till it gets soaked, then wrap the cloth around your penis as well as your testicles and hold it for about a minute. At first you might feel some pains. After 1-2 minute you can remove the cloth then do it again for about two to three times.

This method is very effective but just little people know about it.

There are several ways on how to increase penis length and to buttress my point I am going to share a story about a client of mine who succeeded in increasing his penis size under a short time.

I listened to his story and I thought it wise to share with you here. Here are some wonderful methods he used to increase his penis size.

Now I must confess, most of the methods he used are quite dangerous and it isn’t something I would advice people doing but if you must do it, please be very careful.

Enough said, here’s what he did:

1) Vacuum¬† pump: Now most of you don’t know this but vacuum pumps can really help in increasing the size of your dick. Since it is an equipment that sucks air it can prove vital to increasing the size of your penis.

All you need do is stick your penis into the pump (make sure to decrease the functionality level of the vacuum pump before doing this) and the vacuum will help pump blood into your penis making it bigger and more erect in the process.

P.S: Please do this at your own risk and remember not to keep your penis inside the vacuum for longer than 20 minutes as it might result in tissue damage.



2) Stretching: Not a lot of guys know about stretching their penis and for this reason they find it hard getting bigger penis.

My clients method of stretching his penis worked effectively for him and you can use it to your advantage.
Increase Penis Size Naturally!

Here’s how to go about it:

a) With your hands, take your penis by the head, move your hands a little bit behind the head
b) Stretch your penis for at least 30 seconds forward.
c) Repeat method and stretch your penis in your desired direction.

Precautions: In cases like this, you might need to stretch your penis hard enough to enable the tissues around that area stretch also.

However when stretching, don’t over stretch so you don’t cause yourself pain.

Furthermore, you might feel a little bit uneasy and pain after the stretching period, it is only normal to feel such after that kind of exercise.

Well like they say, nothing in this world comes easy. Each task brings along its difficulty.

If you follow all I have shared with you in this article, then I promise you should get a bigger penis size in the space of a short time. Just like my client, you can start boasting to any lady about what’s between your legs.

As always, it has really been a pleasure sharing this piece of information with you, endeavor to check back for more useful tips on how to increase your penis size.
Increase Penis Size Naturally!

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